Our beautifully designed pages tells a branded story of who you are and what you do

Digital cards all have the same basic information we are used to sharing with traditional business cards; phone number, email, address, and website.

Our Branded Digital Cards go beyond the traditional and tell an engaging story of who you are. What are your every day passions, what community groups do you support, who shares those special days in your life and so much more.

We create a branded experience that immediately gets people to connect with you where they feel connected to you the most.

What story will you tell?

Begin your story with a brief bio of who you are? What makes you… you? Are you an executive? A parent? A driven entrepreneur? A professional? A cancer survivor?

Then, share what you support? What are you passionate about?

Allow people to connect with you on the social platform that means the most to you?

Discover who they are through engaging forms that allow them to connect with you. And of course, tell them what you do professionally and what your product and services are.

Let’s talk about the tech

With so many digital card options in the market, why get our Branded Digital Card?


Contacts are stored in your phone contacts, not in another app


Forward contacts to others right through your phone contact list


No need to download another app


No new contact list to manage


Every contact web link is in the contact file on your phone, making it easy to find and share

You’re busy working. Let the professionals create your online story.


There are NO TEMPLATES for you to spend time figuring out how to use


We collect information from you, call you and spend the time to help tell the RIGHT story


Our custom design requires more effort but at the end we deliver a quality experience

Live Examples

Scan the QR Codes Below

Click on a card below

Your ultimate business resource just got better

Share your contact information differently

Scan Your Code

Your new contact scans your QR code from either an image that is stored on your phone or from your new  business card that will contain your personal QR code

Download Your vCard

Make sure they download the vCard into their phones by clicking on the Add Contact to Phone link on your vCard page. Here they’ll have your basic information like name, cell number, email and company name on their phone.


On your page they’ll be able to get to know you by including all the necessary weblinks about who you are and what you do. You can also add forms, email optins, and video.

Getting Started

Select Your Option Below

A scannable QR code image will be provided which you can add to your phone and customers will scan directly from your phone and you will receive 250 business cards designed and printed.

Complete the Form

Once you sign-up you will be directed to an onboarding form which will help us gather the initial information for your branded page.

Consultation Call

Once we have reviewed your onboarding form, we will schedule a consultation to discuss how best we should brand you on this digital card. We’ll determine what items are needed and how quickly we can get your layout and business card approved.

Branded Digital Cards I

Pay monthly or save by paying yearly. Branded Digital Cards I have no inqury, opti-in forms or automated email responses.

$5 per month
One time setup fee: $199

$50 per year (Save $10)
One time setup fee: $199

Branded Digital Cards II

Pay monthly or save by paying yearly. Branded Digital Cards include inqury and opt-in forms along with automated email responses

$8 per month
One time setup fee: $249

$80 per year (Save $10)
One time setup fee: $249