Mobile App for Your Business Group/Directory

Build a Stronger Brand by Connecting Businesses with the Local Community

“Let’s get your event in the hands of millions of mobile smartphone users”

The Benefits

Increase Sales

Collect attendee information, sell tickets, add vendors, sell vendor items, list future events and so many more ways to increase revenue.

Grow Your Audience

More downloads equals increased connection before, during and after your event. Be a brand that people want to engage with.

Marketing Channel

Push notify new vendors, announcements and specials instantly to your attendees mobile phone.

The Power of Push Notifications

Want to announce new vendors, special guests, new event updates? Push notification allows you to reach every person who installs your event app. Instantly send a message to all of your users.

Set a download goal and see how easy it becomes to stay connected with your current and future attendees.

The Features


Vendor Directory

Let your attendees easily find the list of vendors and sponsors for your next event. Offer basic features to your vendors or add advanced features for an additional fee.


Event Registration

Have attendees easily download your event app from their favorite app store and register to your upcoming event. Create opportunities to share your event with their friends.


Social Network

An in-app social network just for those who download your new event app. Use your social network to easily meet friends, allow vendors to post and share and promote additional news and specials.

Coupon Directory

Give your attendees something to look forward to by providing a directory of specials that your attendees can share and find upon their visit to your event.

Event Calendar

Are you hosting more than one event? Do you want to promote other local events for a fee? This in app calendar will provide your attendees another reason to check in with your event app.


Online Polls/Surveys

Conduct post event surveys and polls, find out what your attendees enjoyed and what could’ve been better.

Ecommerce/Shopping Cart

Build an in app shopping experience. Sell promotional items or charge vendors to add products to your event app shopping cart.



Set a goal for thousands of downloads and utilize your downloads to send out event announcements, specials, or even promote big sponsors.

Return on Investment from your
Mobile Event App

  • Sell promotional items on online store
  • Add vendor products to event app store
  • Promote other local events for a fee
  • Run in app advertising for sponsors
  • Video promotional advertising
  • Vendor fee for advanced listings like links to online stores and vendor specials

The Facts


of Mobile Internet Time is Spend In Apps

Billion Apps Downloaded in 2019

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Take a few moments and gather some questions, then feel free to contact us and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

Is there any particular reason why you wouldn't work with a company?

Our ideas require that business owners get uncomfortable. The ideas are forward thinking and rarely can be compared to any one thing because it combines many digital strategies. We only want to work with business owners and companies ready to do things differently. If they’re not we rather move on to the next partner. 

What other services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services that can be found in our General Services area. There you will find website development, graphic design, email marketing and other services that we include in some of our major services like Speyre Digital and Social.