Our Themed Direct Mailer Reaches Thousands of Locals 

Reach Your Customers Where They Are: At Home & Online

Why our direct mailers work!

We Target Affluent Homes

We’ve mapped out the Savannah areas with the goal of only targeting homes with the potential economical means to buy your product or service.

Oversized Full Color Post Card

Our oversized full color postcard will stand out from all of the traditional mail a family receives, increasing the chances of conversion.

Strong CTA’s

As a marketing company first, we build each ad with a strong call to action. How can we help our advertise draw attention to their ad and convert a lead.

We Monitor Conversions

Having conversions for every client is the only way we both win. We monitor conversion through calls, website/QR Code click throughs and form submissions. 

Eight Great Locations!

What community will you choose to market to?
Only 5000 residences have been chosen in each community with above average income.

Creatively Themed Monthly Mailers! 

We have themed each monthly mailer, creating an interesting marketing piece that consumers can relate to.
In effect, creating better response rates for our advertisers. 


New Years / Resolutions / Fitness


Valentine’s Day 


St.Patricks Day 


Home Improvement / Welcome Spring


Mother’s Day 


Father’s Day


Independence Day / Fourth of July


Home Improvement and/or Back to School 


Labor Day 




Thanksgiving /
Shop Local


Christmas Celebration

Advertise Every Month!
Or Choose the months that best work for you!

Create your own complete mailer Or Advertise Cooperatively in our Monthly Themed Mailer

Create Your Own


The full cost of the mailer is covered by your company


Your business appears on both sides of the mailer


A Full Page 8.5"x11" Design is created for you


Your design delivered to one or several locations

Advertise Cooperatively


Less of an investment with a cooperative mailer


Choose from Premium or Cooperative Spacing


All design is created with a strong CTA


Delivered to one or several locations

Still not convinced?…

Ten more reasons to consider advertising in
our direct mail campaign!

Cooperative Advertising Works

Can’t afford to invest in a Direct Mail Piece? No worries. Now you can get gain new customers without the big expense. 

Large Full Color 8.5″x11″ Single Piece Mailer

It’s not combined with hundreds of other pieces. It’s a well designed marketing mailer made to attract the customers attention.

We Market to ONLY High Income Residences

We only send our mailers to residences that have over 70k+ in household income, giving your business a greater chance to acquire a new customer. 

Strong CTA & Design
Done For You 

We make strong suggestions for your Call to Actions and Design to make sure you get a great return on investment. 

Call ID Tracking

Want to monitor your return on investment? We let you know how many calls you got and even monitor the call for improving sales conversions. 

Plus, we add a digital component to our direct mail program ::
increasing the leads generated

We Utilize the Power
of QR Codes!

Customers will instantly find your offer online because every ad will contain an easily scannable QR Code with their phones. 

We Use Video to Enhance Your Message

Wow! We even create a 30 second video to further highlight the offer that your future customer will benefit from. 

Social Media Marketing

We promote your ad through our social media channels and even design paid ad campaigns to increase your sales and lead generation. 

 Landing Page for Effective Sales Conversions

Customers will instantly find your offer online because every ad will contain an easily scannable QR Code with their phones. 

Free One Year Advertising on Our Marketplace

We promote your business listing on our Savannah Marketplace, as a local Savannah business, which includes more social media promotiona and reach for your ad. 

What should you expect with your ad results?

According to the Direct Marketing Association a the average response rate for direct mail house lists is 5%. That’s approximately 250 responses for a 5000 piece campaign. But, that has many factors connected to it like having a strong CTA, strong marketing design and excellent targeting. 

Our goal for every customer is to land in that sweet spot of 2% and 5%. That’s a potential of 100 and 250 responses.  Are you ready to convert those responses into sales?

Do you want a guarantee that this will work?

We all would love a guarantee that our marketing will work. Although we can’t guarantee specific results we will commit to working with those businesses that receive less than a 1% response rate during a minimum three month period.

What does this mean? If your ad receives less than a 1% response rate, approximate 50 people or less called your business, activated a QR code, visited your landing page or completed a form submission during 3 months. We’ll work on balancing out that average with a FREE 4 month. 

We feel confident that by working on your design, offer, CTA and landing page we can find a strategy that works. The second or third month can be the hit for your business, while some excel month one. Either way we’ll balance that average with a FREE month if the first few months become a struggle.  

How’s that for wanting to work with our local businesses!