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Our Core Digital Services

Our core services contain a variety of features common to the growth of your online experience. They consist of website, social, video and email marketing and every service begins and ends with creating a strategic success plan. 

Strategic Planning :
Speyre Strategy

Is your business running without a clear plan to what happens next? Would it be nice to take a step back to analyze what’s working and what isn’t? Our strategic planning session will assist you in creating a successful forward thinking strategy. 

Digital Marketing :
Speyre Digital

One team handles all your digital needs creating a cohesive branding message. Website, social, email, content and video marketing handled by our team for your success. Plus, our services begin with a strategic planning session in order to maximize results. 

Social Media Marketing: Speyre Social

No more social media posts with no results. Our team approaches social media with the goal of getting you the leads you need to grow your business. We create an effective strategy and use landing pages, video and quality posts that lead to new customers. 

Premier SERVICE FOR 2021


Strategically market your product or service to 5000 affluent residences in targeted areas. It’s a monthly themed two sided one page mailer that clearly and precisely sends a powerful marketing message that will create new leads for your business. Plus, we add a digital component to this traditional marketing method. 

other great marketing services

Non-Profit Marketing

Small non-profits are struggling! They’re seaching for new ways to attract donors because the old way is simply not working. Are you ready to step out of the box and develop a growth strategy that works? Then, we have the program for you.

Event Promotion & Broadcasting

Do you want to digitally promote your next event? We can help create an online promotional program and live broadcast that event to hundreds of people. Business meetings, galas, fundraisers, shows, musical performances and so much more. 

Video Marketing & Production

85% of ALL Internet users watched video content. How much video content is your company currently creating? Have you created an effective video strategy that helps your business see and increase in revenue within the first year? Let us show you how.

Sponsorship Marketing

Many companies are beginning to question the return on investment when it comes to sponsoring. What if we presented a sponsorship package that contained actual methods of tracking results? We’ve created such a program and have several sponsorship opportunities to share. 

A La carte services 

Website Creation & Marketing

Are you ready to rebuild or create your first website? Let us design a website that has more than just the basic pages, design and forms. Let us build you a website that contains pages that can generate leads for your business. We’re marketers first, designer second. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can effectively grow your business if you have an effective strategy in place on growing your list and marketing to that list. We can analyze your business and create an email marketing program that will bring you the results you need. 

Graphic Design & Printing

Do you want to design and print a new brochure, flier, magazine, business card or any other marketing piece. We have the resources to get you quality work and an affordable price. We’ll design and print for you. 

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Frequently Asked

Where do I begin?

If you have looked through the website and still not sure what you should do next, then, we invite you to schedule a time with us to chat so we can determine together if we're a good fit to work together. 

Is there any particular reason why you wouldn't work with a company?

Our ideas require that business owners get uncomfortable. The ideas are forward thinking and rarely can be compared to any one thing because it combines many digital strategies. We only wnat to work with business owners and companies ready to do things differently. If they're not we rather move on the the next partner. 

What other services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services that can be found in our General Services area. There you will find website development, graphic design, email marketing and other services that we include in some of our major services like Speyre Digital and Social.