Say Hello to The Future of Events

Let’s turn your next Gala, Fundraiser, Banquet or Wedding into an Online RED CARPET Event. A small group at the location and hundreds watching online on your own private website. 

The Traditional Event

Large Groups

People Must Travel

Costly Event Space

How do we move events forward while considering the safety of all who attend? 

Speyre Events

An all new, affordable solution to effectively running your upcoming events while keeping in mind social safety and creating new ways to increase revenue for your organization.

Small Live Groups

No Travel Necessary

Minimal Event Space Needed

Live Online Guests

Worldwide Guests

Pay Per View Events

What are some of the features of

a Speyre Event?

  • Run your next event like the Grammy’s
  • LIVE Interviews
  • Pay per view guest access 
  • Multi Camera setup just like a Hollywood Red Carpet event
  • Pre-recorded video packages
  • Emcee/Host to engage with online audience

Your event streams live from

your website!

Let’s Plan Your Next Great Event!

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Frequently Asked

What is the time duration of an event?

Events can be a mimimum of one hour. Maximum time limits are strictly connected to the amount of funding available.

How do we cover the cost of the event?

The event can be covered by event sponsors and also the online attendees of the Pay Per View event. 

Why would we need pre-recorded videos?

The event is streamed live when and if there is a break of any sort. The pre-recorded video can be used to fill space on the live broadcast. It keeps people engaged. They can also be used as sponsorship opportunities. 

How much can we charge for the Pay Per View event

The amount you charge for visitors to attend your Pay Per View event is strictly up to you and your audience. 

What does it cost to run a live streaming event?

Every event is different and requires custom attention. We advise you to get in contact with us so we can get an understanding of what you want and perhaps also give you other ideas to enhance your event.