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Your Digital Media Marketing Partner Has Arrived!

  • Are you struggling to keep up with the community demand for your services?
  • Tired of doing events?
    Events are a lot of work.  They exhaust your team and they don’t bring in enough money to support all of your programs.
  • Speaking of exhausted team members – could you use a few more of them but can’t yet afford them? 

Why has it become a CHALLENGE for Non-Profits to IMPLEMENT a DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGY?

Time Constraints in order to implement

A Digital Media Strategy takes up valuable time from a Director of a non-profit organization.  As a Director you have other areas of your non-profit to run. Adding more work to yourself is unacceptable.

Not Understanding Digital Media

Digital Media is composed of many different parts, some of those parts can be:

  • Maintaining and adding content to a website
  • Designing sales funnel pages and improving SEO
  • Growing email list and creating weekly or monthly campaigns
  • Designing email automation systems
  • Growing social media platforms
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Video and written content creation

The problem is how do you implement all of these strategies while still running your non-profit? How do you hire for this without it costing the non-profit you hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be going to the actual cause of the organization.

Multiple Employees Needed

If you look at “Not Understanding Digital Media” you will see that there are multiple jobs needed to be completed in order to run a complete Digital Media Strategy.

Are you ready to hire for all of those positions?

Let’s take a look at some of the basic job positions and average annual salaries that you would need in order to effectively implement these services.

Business Strategist – $106,565
Digital Media Manager – $70,193
Video Production Coordinator – $68,435
Web/Graphic Designer – $58,804


Justifying the Expense to the Board

The expense of implementing a Digital Media Marketing Strategy can be costly but its an effective tool that even non-profits with huge budgets utilize on a constant basis. But to small nonprofits without the huge budgets they struggle to grow. 

Your New Digital Media Marketing Strategy

Utilize Speyre's Digital Media Marketing team to drive new revenue

Create a Branded Monthly Giving Program for Donors

Create a partnership that Companies can't say no to

speyre non profit funding

create a funding ecosystem that pays for itself

Speyre Network creates two new robust revenue generating programs

  • A branded program with unique name and a story that evokes an emotional connection.
  • The program allows for donors to connect with the organization’s goals and ongoing growth.
  • Donors feel of sense of continual involvement.
  • Provides for a steady flow of revenue for the organization.


  • A partnership that provides companies with the exposure they need to reach more customers.
  • A marketing strategy that tracks reach, engagement and customer conversion.
  • Shows companies how to do good and make money.
  • Gives companies a way to track ROI on their community support. 


Your Audience Paves The Way

In order for effective advertising to take place there needs to be an audience. Radio needs listeners, TV needs viewers and print needs readers. Your organization has supporters, members and general public interest that connect to your cause. 

Creating the platform is just the beginning… Now we need to bring awareness!

speyre non profit video marketing

Weekly Video Content

speyre non profit social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

speyre non profit email marketing

Email Marketing

speyre non profit creative marketing

Creative Guerilla Marketing

We become your partner in Digital marketing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the next step?

The next step would be for you to reach out to us so we can explain to you how the program works and what would be the investment involved. 

We don't have lots of disposable income? How would we pay for such as service?

Many non-profit organizations don’t have a lot of ‘extra’ money sitting around. We certainly understand that.  That’s exactly why we created two payment options.  Although our program would require an investment to begin, marketing isn’t the only thing we’ve gotten creative with. 

Reach out… let’s talk about how these programs can help you shift your revenue model, increase reach and increase donations.

How much money can the Non-Profit raise?

There is no limit to how much can be raised.  Our programs are designed to fully support the goals set in the initial strategy session.  

Every aspect of marketing and advertising is designed to inform your audience and lead them through an experience with your brand.  We have the outcome in mind before we begin designing. 

Still have questions?
Then let’s get them answered!

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