85% of ALL Internet Users Watched Video Content…

…online each month.

Let’s make sure your products being found in their searches!

Why haven’t more businesses launched more video projects?

Lack of Direction - Where Do You Begin?

High Cost of Video Creation

Don't Know How to Monetize!

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. This increased quality of leads could be because of the quality of education that video content brings.

Speyre Video

An all new, affordable solution to effectively plan, create and launch an engaging video series for your business or organization. 

Build a Content Strategy

Affordably Created Around Your Budget

Weekly Video Content Created & Promoted

Our Teams Consists of More Than Just Videographers

Create Effective Marketing Strategies

Build Towards Monetizing Your Content

What are some of the features of

Speyre Video?

  • LIVE & Pre-Recorded Options
  • Video Content Consultation Included
  • All Videos Are Planned, Scripted, Directed, Edited & Promoted 
  • We Become Your Video Partner
  • You Build Your Business While We Build Your Online Video Presence… And Bring You New Customers

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Frequently Asked

What's the minimal amount I need in order to start producing ?

There are many options to consider when creating video content but we estimate to have a minimal of $1500 per month available to grow video content for your business or organization. 

Can we do a weekly LIVE Event?

Yes. We can create as much content as we need to meet your growth goals.

I don't know what type of videos I should create. Will you help me with that?

Yes. We will analyze your business or organization and come up with different video options for you to consider. We handle everything after that from start to finish. 

What makes you different from just hiring a videographer?

Most videographers are not digital marketers or strategists.  Our team develops a full digital marketing service; including strategy, video content and marketing needed to help you achieve your growth goals. We are digital marketers first.