Have the wedding of your dreams that everyone can safely attend!

Your prince charming may not be Prince Harry but it can be streamed live for all the world to see. 

The Traditional Wedding

Lots of Guests

People Must Travel

Costly Wedding Venues

How do we move weddings forward while considering the safety of all who attend? 

Speyre Events

An all new, affordable solution to effectively running your upcoming wedding while keeping in mind social gathering and allowing everyon and opportunity not to miss your big day.

Local Family and Friends

No Travel Necessary

Small Wedding Venue

Live Online Guests

Worldwide Guests

Registered Guest Access

What are some of the features of

a Speyre Wedding Event?

  • Run your next wedding like a Red Carpet Event
  • LIVE Guest Interviews
  • Registered online guest access
  • Multi Camera setup just like a Hollywood Red Carpet event
  • Pre-recorded video packages
  • Emcee/Host to engage with both live and online audiences

Your event streams live from

your CUSTOM WEDDING website!

Let’s Plan Your Virtual Wedding Together!

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Frequently Asked

What is the time duration of an event?

Events can be a mimimum of one hour for just the ceremony portion. We estimate receptions at 1 to 2 hours of coverage, unless their is room in the budget for more. 

Why would we need pre-recorded videos?

The event is streamed live when and if there is a break of any sort, the pre-recorded video can be used to fill space on the live broadcast. It keeps people engaged. They can also be used to tell the stories of the bride and groom, plus so much more. 

Can anyone attend the online wedding?

Only individuals who register to attend will have the online access to watch on the day of the event. You can also have the option of the stream appearing on Facebook or YouTube with no access restrictions. 

What does it cost to run a live streaming a wedding of this magnitude?

Every wedding is different depending on the bride and grooms plans. On the average we’re expecting online weddings to be around $9k – $25k. Our suggestion is to contact us with an planned outlook of your wedding so we can create a proposal for you that fits your needs.