The Digital Marketing Truth

An in-depth look at how to finally create Digital Marketing that works for your business or organization

Jose Rosa

Ammie Dover

Invitation is only extended to people that are thought leaders in their business & seriously looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.

Date and Time TBD

Zoom Call. 

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This a comprehensive look at what it takes to create a true digital marketing strategy for your business.  We’re breaking down each of the components and how they connect together.

The biggest mistake that businesses and organizations make is trying to do each component separate. That doesn’t work!

Every aspect of your marketing plan should feed into your hub.  The hub must be built for conversion.

What you will learn:

  • What elements actually contribute to a structured digital marketing strategy
  • How developing a digital marketing strategy will help liberate you from the advertising grind that may yield one time purchases or attendance for a non-profit event
  • How to create evergreen digital content that converts to sales and fundraising all year long
  • What is truly needed in order for you to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond
  • How to finally turn your marketing dollars into measurable revenue

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