Stop Collecting Likes and Start Collecting Customers

  • Have you discovered that posting on Social Media is simply not enough?
  • Having trouble converting your Social Media efforts into sales?
  • Are you still not understanding how Social Media can help grow your business?

Why has it become a CHALLENGE for business owners to IMPLEMENT a revenue generating SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY?

Everybody Does Social Media

This is becoming a steady problem for most businesses. They’re looking for affordability and since teenagers and young adults are constantly engaged with Social Media, they think it’s okay to hire them. 

Engaging with audiences and creating fun posts about your business is simply not enough to have an effective revenue generating social media platform. 


Not Understanding Social Media

Social Media is fun. Understanding how to effectively use it is for business is difficult. The number one thing to remember is that NO ONE has the right answers. It’s all about properly planning and  strategizing for your business and audience.

You need to be willing to connect what your business does in real life to what people expect to encounter online. 

Not Willing to Invest

If you’re not willing to invest in your social media strategy then you’re not actually seeing the potential. If you think that spending twenty dollars on a Facebook ad will result in a million dollars then you’re only kidding yourself. 

There is a certain level of investment needed in order to get a return on investment.

You Can't Measure Your Return on Investment

If you invest $1000 per month on social media? Can you effectively measure what you received from that investment beyond a few extra likes and shares?

Social media is invaluable because it can be used as a tool to effectively measure return on investment. That same $1000 invested properly should be able to show you how many new leads you received and how many new customers you acquired. 

If those sales or leads converted into an extra $5000 in business, it becomes easy to justify spending on social media. If you can’t measure it you’re simply making a donation to Facebook. 

Why should you be interested in IMPLEMENTING or IMPROVING your Social Media Strategy?  

Increase Brand Awareness

Your ability to present yourself the same way on different platforms helps your brand awareness. The consistency that it takes to post regularly and get viewers to share or like your posts takes effort and strategy. But the result is more people become aware of your business.  

Retain Current Customers

One of the greatest ways to connect with current customers is through Social Media. By creating incentives for your customers to follow you it forms a relationship. 

Many years ago when people actually went out and recommended businesses it was effective. Now, people still recommend but now they do it online. They reshare your content, they post reviews, and recommend to their friends… all online. 


Increase Monthly Revenue

It takes more than a few clever posts and random discount offers to build a consistent pipeline of increased customers. If you want increased monthly revenue you need to increase your monthly engagement and conversion process.

Outsourcing your Social Media can be a legitimate option for your business!

What should your Social Media be composed of?

Well developed posts made on a daily basis

Video content created on a monthly basis to increase engagement

Social Media Ad purchases geared towards sales NOT increased likes

Web designer who updates content and creates proper sales funnels for lead generation

Pictures taken of your product/service to be used instead of stock footage

A monthly sales strategy with proven new customers each month

Let’s Present a Solution: The SPEYRE SOCIAL Program

The Speyre Social Program is an effective social media experience that includes many factors that other “specialists” do not include:

A Social Media Strategy Session

Before deciding on lauching a business you need a strategy, the same holds true for your Social Media efforts. We’ll develop a strategy that is surrounded with what your business currently does and what it plans to do. 

We’ll then take that information and create a social media plan that will effectively grow your platforms, engage with your audience and most importantly increase your revenue. 

Create Revenue Generating Sales/Funnel Pages

All posts can’t be fun. All posts can’t be salesy. There has to be a balance between them. But where do you send someone who is interested in a product or service? 

An effective funnel page creates an experience for your customer. One in which they can become informed about your product or service and be guided into a decision much like the page you are currently on. 

Create Engaging Video Content

More people everyday are engaged by video. It’s being used by businesses on a regular basis, sometimes effectively and sometimes not. 

We will once again, use the information learned through the strategy session to create monthly video content. 


Advertise on Social Media

In everyone of our packages we include Ad Credit, which simply means the amount of money we’ll spend each month towards purchasing social media ads. 

These ads will be inline with the strategy we developed and will guide new viewers to the funnel pages created to convert those viewers into leads or sales. 

Email Automation

We create email automation systems for the sales/funnel pages we create. These email automation systems are designed for follow-up purposes in an effort to increase the opportunity of a sale. 

You will have a revenue generating Social Media marketing team for about the cost of one employee! Don’t delay!

Unfortunately, We can't work with everyone!

Our approach is swift and progressive. We only want to partner with companies who are ready to implement out of the box social media marketing strategies. If you think you have what it takes apply now.