Our Core Digital Services

Our core services address the root of your online digital marketing. These services are created for established companies looking for a complete service that will produce results. It will consist of website, social, video and email marketing and every service begins and ends with creating a strategic success plan.

Digital Marketing

We know how frustrating Digital Marketing can be for a growing and thriving business. As a gift to you we have prepared a special 13-page download which will give you a better understanding of how digital marekting should work in your business. 

Social Media Marketing

No more social media posts with no results. Our team approaches social media with the goal of getting you the leads you need to grow your business. We create an effective strategy and use landing pages, video and quality posts that lead to new customers. 

Individual Services

Company App Development & Marketing

Marketing your business with an app found on Google Play/Apple store is the next stage to reaching your future customers. Adding this component to your marketing will be a game changer for your business. 

Website Marketing & Development

No more old school approach to building your website. Let’s combine your current marketing and advertising with your website design and create service pages that capture and deliver new customers to your business. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can produce better results than social media advertising, yet, so many companies aren’t implementing it’s proper use except for online based companies. It’s more than just sending emails, it’s about setting automations that will make you money every day!

Video Marketing & Production

85% of ALL Internet users watched video content. How much video content is your company currently creating? Have you created an effective video strategy that helps your business see and increase in revenue within the first year? Let us show you how.

Graphic Design & Printing 

We’ll make sure that your next marketing campain is well designed and printed. We even have a website dedicated to design and printing. Feel free to view our online pricing and special offers. 

You’ll be amazed with what we create for your business!

our brands and projects

Live Like Locals

A local online marketplace for Savannah and Jacksonville and a community giveback program in development. Sign-up for each city’s 5-minute newsletter.

Today with Jose

A site built to tell the story of Speyre Network’s owner cancer journey and goals of helping others who are currently fighting cancer.

Caregiver's Guide to Cancer

A podcast and resources for caregivers to get the help they need to care for their loved ones who are going through cancer.

Ammie Dover

A professional branding site for a business strategist, operations consultant and host of the DoverDrive Experience. 

Larek Point Consulting

Consulting firm who offers annual training programs for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Cheri Cobb

A professional branding site for a social media strategist specializing in social video promotion using Instagram and Tik Tok.

Ken LaMantia

A professional branding site for a financial advisor designed to capture leads for financial services. 

DoverDrive Experience

A site built for the purpose of running an LMS and an online show.

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If you've looked through this main page and you have questions consider visiting our work with us link

Is there any particular reason why you wouldn't work with a company?

Our ideas require that business owners get uncomfortable. The ideas are forward thinking and rarely can be compared to any one thing because it combines many digital strategies. We only want to work with business owners and companies ready to do things differently. If they're not, we rather move on to the next partner.