As we quickly head into 2023, what challenges below resonate most with your current email marketing efforts?

We don't send out emails with any regularity

It's been difficult to build an email list

We haven't looked into how to use emails for sales automations

We only send emails every few months

We simply don't use emails to market our business

We understand how difficult email marketing can be, but we can help.

Three ways that Email Marketing must be
done differently in 2023

Did you know that email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023? The fact is that email marketing does work. 

Let’s first create an email marketing strategy. How will we collect emails on a daily basis for your busines? How often will we send out emails? What content will we created for each email? And, how will we monitor it’s growth, engagement and your return on investment?

Understand the power of email automations workflows. An email automation may take time to plan and design but once it’s created it runs on it’s own. 

An email automation is basically a series of emails that are designed to send at a predetermined set of time with the goal of the consumer taking action. This action is normally the result of a sale. 

It must work cohesively with your current marketing plans. Don’t create emails and automation for the sake of creating them. They must run cohesively along side your marketing. 

The goal must not be to just run these campaigns but they need to be project managed by your overall digital marketing manager. 

How can we help you in 2023?

If your goal is to finally use email marketing effectively in your business, then we can first help you develop an email marketing strategy.

We’ll then create a schedule to create content based on that 2023 strategy. We’ll use your marketing plans, your product and services to create a compelling story to tell with each email. 

Most importantly we’ll design sales automations that will be aimed at acquiring new business. 

We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

What does that mean? We’ll handle everything you need to effectively grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Want a real online marketing plan for your business?

Short Form Video

Want to reach more customers through TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts?

PPC & Social Advertising

Want immediate sales and traffic?

Search Engine Optimization

Want to outrank your competition on Google and increase your organic site traffic?

Web Design

Want a website that will convert those new leads that social marketing with attract?

Videography & Photography

Want to have professional videography and photography representing your business?

Who Should Use Email Marketing?

It’s easy to say that all businesses should use email marketing. We believe that nearly any business can create a strategy that can impact their current marketing efforts.

Email marketing is used to create trust with your customer. It encourages repeat business and referrals. It can also be a great lead generation tool and used as a sales automation machine to close sales.

But first, you need to see how a digital marketing tool like email marketing can have financial impact through a discovery strategy session.

Email Marketing

Are you still not sure what the hype is with email marketing? You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, it gives a higher ROI than PPC advertising. But in order to make it work you need a solid customer list and an awesome email strategy with automations (that means we set up the system and triggers launch touch points automatically).  Automations are the sales and marketing super power of the super successful.

Email Marketing

$1,450.00 / month and a $1,250.00 sign-up fee

Who can benefit from an email marketing campaign? Email marketing works great for both B2B and B2C businesses like restaurants, local shops, or even service based businesses, plus any business that wishes to obtain more referrals and build customer trust.

The most difficult part of creating a successful email marketing system is content. It’s similar to creating a magazine. Why do you read a magazine? Because it’s content is good. The same happens with an email publication, the content needs to be good.

This is where we come in and build it all for you.

Our Process for Working Together

Sign-up for a 2-hour Discovery Strategy Session. Complete the email marketing analysis form that will be emailed to you. It will provide us with the foundation for our first conversation together. We want to know a little about you before our discovery strategy session.

We’ll schedule your discovery strategy call. Before the call we’ll review your email marketing analysis form so we can be aware of who you are and what your company may need. You’ll also have an idea of what questions to have ready for us.

If we feel that we want to move forward we’ll provide you with a custom proposal and begin our relationship with a strategy session. During this session we will do a deep dive into how we can effectively develop a results driven email marketing machine.

We look forward in receiving your Email Marketing Analysis Form