What challenges below resonate most with your current business?

It's been difficult to figure out how to use our website, emails, social media and video to increase our revenue.

It's been easier to just work our business traditionally than to concentrate on building our online presence.

We've worked hard at getting a website that consistently produces new business.

We've tried different social media ideas but have had limited to no success.

We have had limited to no success with email marketing.

We understand how frustrating digital media can be,
but we can help!

In order to know what your next steps are you need to understand, what is digital marketing?

Also known as online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers on the internet. This includes, but not limited to, website content, email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text marketing and app development. 

The most important factor to understand is that it must work cohesively together in order to get the best results. 

We recommend that you download our FREE 13-page digital marketing assessment. It will help you better understand how digital marketing effects your business. 

Three ways to have Success with

 Digital Marketing in 2023

You must begin with a strategy in order to have success with digital marketing, without a plan you’ll just be spending money instead of investing it. You currently promote and market your business, now you need to combine those efforts with your digital media. How will your current marketing work in tandem with you website, social media, email and video efforts? 

You can’t have a disconnected team. You can no longer have one person managing your social media and another managing your email campaigns. You must be committed to bringing in a project manager. Your project manager makes sure that your strategy is being implemented throughout all digital platforms. 

You must be committed to be consistent. This isn’t a two to six month plan. This plan needs to be put in place for as long as the business exists. There must be a clear understanding on how your digital marketing will be your sole source of advertising. You’ll never again need to advertise on any one else’s platform. 

How can we help you in 2023?

If your goal is to finally use digital media effectively in your business, then we can help you by developing the strategy that you need to be successful. 

Our process is simple, we first have you schedule a discovery strategy call. During this two hour session we’ll analyze what’s going on in your business from a marketing and digital marketing perspective. 

In the process, we’ll offer ideas and suggestions that you may wish to go ahead and implement on your own but most importantly we’ll see if we work well together. If we discover that we do we’ll put a custom digital marketing proposal together for you based on our conversation. 

We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

What does that mean? We’ll handle everything you need to effectively grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Want a real online marketing plan for your business?

Web Design

Want a website that will convert those new leads that social marketing with attract?

Socia Media Management

Want a social media strategy designed to produce results?

Short Form Video

Want to reach more customers through TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts?

Email Marketing

Want an email automation system that does sales for you?

Search Engine Optimization

Want to outrank your competition on Google and increase your organic site traffic?

PPC & Social Advertising

Want immediate sales and traffic?

Videography & Photography

Want to have professional videography and photography representing your business?


Speyre Network was the third marketing company I connected with to build my website. Yes, I had three versions of my website in six years. Nothing seemed to capture the value of the services that we offer. Nothing seemed to make business owners want to say YES to working with us.

Short story, my website didn’t convert to sales.


I had to rely too heavily on my own personal presence through speaking engagements, networking and just beating the street for my sales.

I’m only one person and I was getting burned out by doing it all. I needed a marketing machine that didn’t require me to show up in person to make sales. 

I needed a digital marketing machine. Now, my website converts!

– Ammie Dover
Business Strategist

Here’s how we can help your business thrive online!

We can help you do the following:

Develop a digital media strategy that cohesively operates with your current traditional marketing efforts.

We'll assign you a digital marketing project manager who will see the implementation of your digital marketing strategy.

We'll take care of everything that your digital media strategy calls for, including but not limited to: website updates, email marketing, social media, graphic design, video marketing and other digital marketing mediums.

Essentially taking care of multiple positions that you no longer need to higher for.

Our Process for Working Together

Sign-up for a 2-hour Discovery Strategy Session. Complete the digital marketing analysis form that will be emailed to you. It will provide us with the foundation for our first conversation together. We want to know a little about you before our discovery strategy session.

We’ll schedule your discovery strategy call. Before the call we’ll review your social marketing analysis form so we can be aware of who you are and what your company may need. You’ll also have an idea of what questions to have ready for us.

If we feel that we want to move forward we’ll provide you with a custom proposal and begin our relationship with a strategy session. During this session we will do a deep dive into how we can effectively develop a results driven digital marketing machine.

We look forward in receiving your Digital Marketing Analysis Form

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