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Experience the POWER of combining the efforts of all your digital efforts; website and app content, email campaigns, social media, video and digital advertising into one cohesive program designed to get you results!

Your next challenge is to implement a complete
digital media strategy?

Time Constraints in order to implement

A Complete Digital Media Strategy takes up valuable time from your already over extended team. You have other areas of your business to run. Adding more work to yourself or your team is unproductive. 

Not Understanding Digital Media

Digital Media is composed of many different parts, some of those parts can be: 

  • Maintaining and adding content to a website
  • Designing sales funnel pages and improving SEO
  • Growing email list and creating weekly or monthly campaigns
  • Designing email automation systems
  • Growing social media platforms
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Video and written content creation 

The problem is how do you implement all of these strategies while still running a business? How do you hire for this without it costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Multiple Employees Needed

If you look at “Not Understanding Digital Media” you will see that there are multiple jobs that need to be filled in order to run a complete Digital Media Strategy.

Are you ready to hire for all of those positions?

Let’s take a look at some of the basic job positions and average annual salaries that you would need in order to effectively implement these services.

Business Strategist – $106,565
Digital Media Manager – $70,193
Video Production Coordinator – $68,435
Web/Graphic Designer – $58,804


Don’t worry we have you covered!

Why should you be interested in implementing or

improving your Digital Media Strategy?

Increase Brand Awareness

Brands should have a cohesive look in all of their marketing efforts. By making sure that your website, social media, email marketing and all ad campaigns are consistantly branded on all platforms it lets consumers know who you are and why tey should buy from you.

Increase Monthly Revenue

Develop digital strategies that move your customers through an intentional online sales funnel. Our digital sales strategies increase your revenue without you increasing your staff. 

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Your customers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you. Learn what your competition already knows.  

Outsourcing your Digital Media can be a legitimate option for your business!

What should your digital marketing be composed of?

Content. Content. And More Content.

Video producers and editors combined to work with your content development team

Social Media Ad buyers to work alongside your Social Media Managers

Web designer who updates content and creates proper sales funnels for lead generation

Email Marketers who work closely with content creators to promote a cohesive product or service

A Digital Media Business Strategist that can provide a short and long term plan for best results

A Digital Media Manager who can lead your team and keep all tasks completed on a regular schedule

Let’s Present a Solution: The SPEYRE DIGITAL Program

The Speyre Digital Program is a complete strategic planning and digital marketing experience that includes the following: 

A Digital Specialist at your location

Along with all the digital media services we will also include several hours at your location every month. This time will be used to help capture your brand, take photos and develop content for social media, and discover opportunities to improve the company brand. 

Every week there is physical interaction with one of our employees which helps improve our digital media strategy. 

Experience a Digital Media Strategy Session

We invest the time to learn your brand, your mission, your customer and your goals. We then develop a comprehensive digital media strategy that is inclusive of everything that is important to you and your customers.  

An Entire Team of Professionals Ready to Work

The list of positions we begin to fill for you is incredible. Our team is already helping customers better brand themselves and helping our own company brands like www.LiveLikeLocals.tv create an impact in the Digital Media space. Meet our team:

  • Digital Media Specialist 
  • Business Strategist
  • Project Manager 
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Web Designer/Content Management
  • Graphic Designer
  • Videographer/Editor 
  • Content Creator 
Rebuild, Restructure or Create a Website

Your website is the main connection to all other digital platforms, so it’s logical that we begin here. It’s the core to your entire digital media presence. 

Create Revenue Generating Sales/Funnel Pages

The entire goal is to generate more customers. These sales/funnel pages are created to funnel your viewers through and assist them in making a decision, simply put turning viewers into customers. 

Results Driven Social Media Campaigns

Your social media platforms are just as important as any other component of this digital media strategy. This is were brand building is created and potential leads are generated. It’s not just a platform to collect likes, it’s also used to draw viewers to your website and convert them into customers. 

Email & Video Marketing

On a monthly basis we will create email and video marketing campaigns to promote your product(s)  and or service(s). 

Email campaigns helps to build ongoing, layered relationships with everyone who comes in contact with your brand. 

Video Marketing Campaigns help get your audience engaged with your brand. There are so many different ways to engage with video. It can be as simple as creating a one minute promotional video or as engaging as creating a web series. 

You will have a complete digital media marketing team for about the cost of one employee! Don’t delay!

We can't work with everyone!

Our approach is swift and progressive. We only want to partner with companies who are ready to implement out of the box digital marketing strategies. If you think you have what it takes apply now.

What types of business work well with our Digital Marketing Services?


Most brick and mortar businesses who sell less than 20% of their business online

Companies that want to out shine their competition

Companies that don't have a full staff of web and graphic designers, videographers, digital media marketers, content writers, social media marketers and managers on their team

Companies who have all of the staff needed but are not getting the results they're looking for... time to cut overhead and simplify

Companies who may NOT work well are companies that produce 80% of their revenue online... these tend to have good digital media strategies

We can’t wait to consider your company!