As we quickly head into 2023, what challenges below resonate most with your website marketing efforts?

Our website isn't updated on a weekly basis

We don't add new blog articles on a consistent basis

Our website doesn't have good incentives for building our email lists

Our website has been rebuilt several times and still doesn't produce solid leads

Our website doesn't rank high in our local area

We understand how difficult website marketing can be, but we can help.

Three ways that Website Marketing must be
done differently in 2023

Service and product pages need to be designed differently. They are not to be used to just post what your service and product is. The pages are to be designed as sale/landing pages. 

They must have a unique selling proposition, compelling benefits, testimonials and a strong call to action. These are just a few elements to consider depending on your product or service. 

You must bring back the old additive that content is king. Enough with delaying on adding content to your website on a weekly basis, by adding content consistently you will begin to put your company in a better position to rank higher on Google.

This means that you website can organically land on the first page for your product or service in your areas search results. But first you need to show Google that your page provides the content that Google’s customers are looking for. 

Your website must build your email list. You must view the value of acquiring emails as valueable as getting new customers. 

Did you know that over 80% of businesses use email marketing to acquire and retain customers? How many emails are you currently sending out? 

Does your website have a value propostion for trading their email with your offer?

How are we different than other website company and
how can we help you?

We take a different approach when building you a website. Our goal is to work with you for a minimum of one year instead of just building you a website and ‘skipping town’. 

After building your website, which takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks, we work on adding content to improve your SEO and ranking plus we optimize your sales pages to improve with lead generation. 

We begin our process with a website marketing strategy. The goal is to better understand your current marketing goals and how we can have your website complement those efforts.

We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

What does that mean? We’ll handle everything you need to effectively grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Want a real online marketing plan for your business?

Web Design

Want a website that will convert those new leads that social marketing with attract?

Socia Media Management

Want a social media strategy designed to produce results?

Short Form Video

Want to reach more customers through TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts?

Email Marketing

Want an email automation system that does sales for you?

Search Engine Optimization

Want to outrank your competition on Google and increase your organic site traffic?

PPC & Social Advertising

Want immediate sales and traffic?

Videography & Photography

Want to have professional videography and photography representing your business?


Speyre Network was the third marketing company I connected with to build my website. Yes, I had three versions of my website in six years. Nothing seemed to capture the value of the services that we offer. Nothing seemed to make business owners want to say YES to working with us.

Short story, my website didn’t convert to sales.


I had to rely too heavily on my own personal presence through speaking engagements, networking and just beating the street for my sales.

I’m only one person and I was getting burned out by doing it all. I needed a marketing machine that didn’t require me to show up in person to make sales. 

I needed a digital marketing machine. Now, my website converts!

– Ammie Dover
Business Strategist

The Benefits of

Website Marketing

Most companies build you a website and some are truly remarkable. Here are the benefits of working on your website marketing for a minimum of 12 months.

Increased Conversion

By monitoring and imporvign landing pages we can help increase conversion.

Increased Lead Generations

Email Automations will help get more leads for your business

Improved Ranking & SEO

Adding consist quality content will improve your website ranking and SEO

“Why have a website that doesn’t convert new business?”

Website Marketing & Development

Finally a website designed to convert viewers to leads.  We create results driven service pages, improve SEO, develop quality content and increase conversion (sales) organically.

Start-up Website Marketing & Development

$475.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee

Do you need to build a website that gets updated and optimized month after month and can convert viewers to customers?

Then, building a website just for pretty looks is NOT what you need. This website option is the marketing and sales system you need to get started.

This option gives you the following:

  • 5 standard pages, a home, about, blog, contact and general product or service page.
  • 1 to 5 landing pages to for your services (all depending on your selection)
  • An email capture and up to 3 email automations for each service page
  • Three (3) initial blog articles that are SEO optimized plus two (2) additional blog articles added to your website each month

Next Level Website Marketing & Development

$975.00 / month and a $1,800.00 sign-up fee

Do you have loftier marketing goals? Do you need to take your Website Marketing & Development to the next level?

Then, this website option gives you the following:

  • All of the Start-up Website Marketing features, plus…
  • A Strategic Mini-planning session to review your online marketing objectives and your content and video goals
  • A 2 to 3 minute introductory video to be used on your website and social media
  • Four (4) short form videos created from the video shoot to help launch your TikTok, Reels and Shorts platform
  • Four (4) monthly SEO optimized blog articles

Our Process for Working Together

Sign-up for a 2-hour Discovery Strategy Session. Complete the website marketing analysis form that will be emailed to you. It will provide us with the foundation for our first conversation together. We want to know a little about you before our discovery strategy session. 

We’ll schedule your discovery strategy call. Before the call we’ll review your website marketing analysis form so we can be aware of who you are and what your company may need. You’ll also have an idea of what questions to have ready for us.

If we feel that we want to move forward we’ll provide you with a custom proposal and begin our relationship with a strategy session. During this session we will do a deep dive into how we can effectively develop a results driven website marketing machine.

We look forward in receiving your Website Marketing Analysis Form