Personal Branded Hub

$950.00 / month and a $1,450.00 sign-up fee

This Personal Branded Hub includes:

  • A mini-strategy session to review who you are, what you do and how you get to brand you
  • A multi-page website hub is created to link any and all other current websites and landing pages that reference you
  • Develop and create a monthly written content strategy with a minimum of 4 articles written each month and 6 to launch your hub
  • An email capture and email automation series is created



During the course of 12 months we will work on building you as a brand. We get to answer the question of who you are?

We begin our relationship with a strategy session that will identify who you are and what you do, what your current marketing goals are and how you wish to grow your brand.

We then build an online presence that helps connect the elements that help tell the story of who you are and how others can connect with you. Landing pages and email automations are built to make assure that we have viewers to customer conversion.

A monthly content calendar will be designed to help your SEO reach with a minimum of 6 articles created upon launch and 4 added each month.