Are you using email marketing?… What comes to mind when you think about using email marketing? Does it trigger you to think that you will be sending spammy emails to your customers and that they won’t be interested in what you are sending them?

Unfortunately, that’s how most people feel about email marketing and it’s what companies do or have another companies do for them that claim to do “email marketing” on a daily basis.

The truth is that email marketing can be useful if used correctly, it can help you:

  1. Acquire a new customer
  2. Build a stronger relationship between your business and your customer
  3. And create customers who refer people to your business

How amazing would it be to create an email system that can help you acquire customers and convert customers into referers fo your business? You essentially would have a salesperson working for your company and placed on autopilot.

Why aren’t more companies using email marketing?

The reason most business aren’t utilizing email marketing in their business is because it’s essentially a lot of work to setup the entire process and it requires the person to not only know how to use an email marketing program but they must also be good at creating a marketing strategy.

This email marketing process essentially looks like this:

  1. Create a content that would be attractive to your customer and is cohesive with your current marketing strategy.
  2. Determine how you often you will create this content and deliver that content to your customer.
  3. Connect this content to your website and create a valuable call to action that would interest your customer.
  4. Be consistent in creating this content, similar to a magazine you don’t want to your customer to come to expect this new content.
  5. Your call to action, if it’s not an immediate purchase, it must place your customer in a follow-up automated email sales funnel.
  6. Repeat this process month to month or week to week.

There are several skills needed in order to launch a succesful email campaign. You need the following:

  1. A content strategist/editor
  2. A content creator, copywriter
  3. An email strategist who understands how to build sales automations
  4. A website designer
  5. In some cases you may need a graphic designer

Now does this sound like your current email marketing system? If it does, that is awesome.

If it doesn’t then you have a lot to consider because when utilized email marketing correctly, it can have a better return on investment than any advertising campaign that you currently run.

As you can see, email marketing is a totally different beast from what you thought it was. It can be extremely useful for nearly any type of business. The problem lies in having the right team to execute the plan.

We invite you to take a look at our email marketing service.

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My name is Jose Rosa. I’m the owner of Speyre Network and several other businesses and projects. I’ve been in the marketing and digital marketing space for over 25 years and want to provide you with as much insight that I can through my blogs and email newsletters.
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