Website Development & Marketing I

$475.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee

A Better Website Experience!


Additional Sales/Landing Page


During a 12-month period we work on optimizing your website by improving SEO, content creation and creating backlinks to your website. Your initial site is built within 4 to 6 weeks.

In this custom build you get:
- 5 standard pages are like the home, about, blog, contact and general product or service page.
- One landing page (described below)
- An email capture and up to 3 email automations
- Three blog articles that are SEO optimized

The sales/landing pages are designed for one to five specific  products or services depending on your selection. Sales/landing pages include some or all of the following a description, benefits, testimonials, images/videos, a value proposition and a call to action. The goal of each page is to solicit a response from your viewer by capturing their emails and immediately launching them through an email automation system.

This means that each service page has a an email capture and any where between 1 and 3 email automations.

We will launch the website with 3 blog articles that are SEO optimized and each month we will add 2 additional articles.  We will monitor your email automations making improvements where needed and research opportunities to increase backlinks to your website.

On a quarterly basis we will provide you with a report that will help you see the results of your website optimization.