I think that we can all agree that social media can be challenging and frustrating. There is no doubt that the majority of us, that own a business, have at some point, spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get our social media to generate new business.

We spend time trying to get more likes, comments and follows in the hopes that it converts into a potential lead, lets not even talk about how difficult it is to actually getting a customer.

The truth is that in most cases less than 10% of our posts are actually seen by our followers. The algorithms are stacked against us. They’re designed for us to keep spending money on boosting our posts and in most cases to reach the same people that already follow us.

What do we do next? We try and boost our posts by spending money on ads, and again we run into another challenging and frustrating situation. We spend money and experience limited results. So we give up their too.

The conclusion that we finally come to is that social media doesn’t work. But yet, we read about the hundreds of other businesses that have figured it out and are making hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars a month.

Why can’t that be us?

We need to understand that social media is marketing. And marketing dictates that we must continue to test to see what works for us and our business and products. How many different marketing campaigns did Nike create before they came up with ‘Just Do It’?

On the flip side to that coin, how many millions of dollars and people did it take to create ‘New Coke’ which is probably one of the biggest marketing failures in history.

The point is that we need to treat social media as a form of marketing because it is marketing. It requires that we strategically come up with a viable marketing idea that makes sense and it cohesively connects with your current traditional marketing strategy. There are no shortcuts to creative marketing, their are just great ideas.

In order for social media to work you have to post with the intention of getting a sale, not just funny, educational and entertaining posts, and those posts designed for sales need to lead your customer to the next step.

That next step is usually a landing page on your website, not some arbitrary page, that entices that visitor to take an action, preferably one that produces a sale.

But it can also be one which takes your customer to the next step, enter another sales funnel. This funnel is an email automation that is pre-programmed to send your potential customer a well scripted emails that will entice your customer to get closer to buying from you.

And finally, we need to financially invest in that creative post and spend money on pay per click advertising to see if it produces the results that we’re looking for. If that doesn’t work we move on to the next idea, until one starts to produce our desired result… a new customer.

Does this sound like your social media efforts? Or are you still monitoring how many likes, comments and followers that you’re getting without creating a way to show a proper return on your investment?

We invite you to take a closer look at our Social Media marketing programs and if you’re still not sure where to begin then we invite you to begin your journey with us through a Discovery Strategy Session.

My name is Jose Rosa. I’m the owner of Speyre Network and several other businesses and projects. I’ve been in the marketing and digital marketing space for over 25 years and want to provide you with as much insight that I can through my blogs and email newsletters.

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I also run and online blog called Today with Jose, where I am building a platform to help keep business owners informed about digital marketing and also help support and share my cancer journey.


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