Redesigning Your Website Again!? How many times have you redesigned your website? Three. Four? Depending on how long you’ve been in business you’ve heard all the reasons to redesign your website.

  • It’s out of date.
  • It’s not responsive.
  • It’s not SEO optimized.
  • It’s not pretty enough.
  • It doesn’t have this or that… the list goes on.

But how many times has someone said to you that your website is not in line with your marketing strategy? Does it cohesively connect to your current advertising and marketing strategy?

To provide a little more explanation, if you currently run a print, billboard radio or video advertising, heck even a social media or email offer, can someone find that offer on your website? Are the offers cohesive?

A Better Service Page

Look at your services page on your website, does it only describe what you offer as a business or is there another incentive on that page that causes a visitor to want to further connect with you? If it’s like most websites, your service page has only basic information about your product or service.

What if I told you that as designers, we have been building websites wrong for years? We’ve been building them like old school brochures. And instead of fixing them, we’ve put a patch over the problem. This patch has only been used by online marketers and they use it effectively. Online marketers have adapted and built landing, sales or squeeze pages and apply all sorts of SEO to help acquire new business, meanwhile the typical business has the same old boring, non-converting product or service page.

The Typical Brick and Mortar Business

The typical brick and mortar business who is trying to get more online business creates a typical boring websites that is simply informative and doesn’t connect with their actual marketing and advertising strategy. Why aren’t your service pages built like sales pages or like sales funnel pages, with reasons to use the product or service, explanations as to why buy from you, testimonials, and a free offer that helps the customer take one step closer to becoming a client? Does that sound simple?

The truth it that in order to build effective pages like this you need to have a marketing strategy in place so that it all functions cohesively. This allows you to create special online offers that can be downloaded from your potential client with them exchanging their email in return. By acquiring that email you now have a way to market to this client who has shown interest you your product or service.

What’s next after acquiring that potential customer email? Feel free to read through our other blog article ‘Does email marketing work’?

We hope this article helped give you just a little insight on how to think through the marketing of your website. If you’re interested in having us modify or build you an effective website that converts, feel free to look at our online website service options.

 If you feel you’re not sure where to start consider our Discovery Strategy Session.

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